100% Design Show 2013 – my ‘best’ bits :)



Chandelier Pendants from Form Room : http://www.formroom.com/IMG_5932 IMG_5933

New work from a Brazilian Designer Espasso http://www.espasso.com/






The 3D Print Lab – amazing to watch them creating the pieces in real life. Such an amazing part of the design process IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5942 IMG_5943 IMG_5944



In there International side there were some really dramatic lighting and spatial installations:


IMG_5947 IMG_5949 IMG_5950

This was an incredible piece made by the very talented Atmos Projects http://www.atmosstudio.com inspired by the shape of the earth and to make a dining table for people to share a meal with. really incredible laser cutting techniques and joinery used to make it so beautiful




Australian Lighting Designers:

Adam Cornish, Edward Linacre, Viktor Legin, and Stephanie Ng – See more at: http://au.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/959524/preview-of-australian-pavilion-at-100-design-london#sthash.3vgrZFEw.dpuf


IMG_5955 IMG_5956 IMG_5957


Brilliant Surface design from Recent graduates: IMG_5960 IMG_5962 IMG_5963

My new favourite product is Concreate – “creative flooring for modern living”

Tongue & Groove locking system – concrete floor panels. YES pleaseIMG_5964

Material Labs sampels fo Lazer etching onto Slate by Daniel Heath http://www.danielheath.co.uk/collections/interior-surfaces


Gaggenau’s Earthy Eco grow your own kitchen 🙂




One man and a Bench for the ‘Air kitchen’ by Devol Kitchens – he makes it up as he goes along….so refreshing and lovely to see a genuine carpenter at work loving his materials. http://www.devolkitchens.co.uk/kitchens/air-kitchensIMG_5984

Richard Rogers Being a legend. Love his bright combo and his approach to believing that architecture should be more public, green and shared with everyone.IMG_5986

Favourite new designer is Jennifer Stafford – from http://www.jennifersceramicdesign.co.uk i fell in love with her ceramic pendant light



And of course Last but by no means least – the wonderful Benjamin Hubert on A Materials Driven production process.

A few points;

WHY make something? Consciousness of design – make it because its better, it helps push forward the environmental benefit, using less material and more function

LIGHTWEIGHT : By the reduction of weight the easier and lighter it is to transport. lighter carbon footprint

Recontextualising materials into new forms – find new uses for materials. push boundaries and experiment without compromising performance.


Arper makes office furniture sexy

I’m working on a new project for a commercial office space in Regent street and have been investigating office furniture solutions.

I’m pretty sure these are out of budget but my oh my are they gorgeous.

Pretty much all the seating can be covered in beautiful Kvadrat Swedish fabrics.

love the clean white lines with the contrasting bright colours.

Arper, you make me want to be in your space and be creative, work hard and have fun.

Lovely 🙂




Botanical illustrations at Kew

I’m working with a client on a project involving Cointreau and a French courtyard feel.

We are thinking of using botanical drawings to be framed amongst the space and the wonderful people at kew have a fantastic library of drawings.

I specified these varieties based on the oranges used in Cointreau ingredients and they had some gorgeous photos to show me.






The streets of Bruges

So we decided to escape the constant snow in london and went on a last minute trip to Bruges in Belgium.

Was really inspired by the decor and architecture of the space.

In the central part of the city, the streets are all cobbled and one way only for cars so its peaceful and clean everywhere you look.

As its quite close to the coast, the colours are refreshing and clean with chalky whites and this contrasts beautifully with the winding canals.

It’s like a cleaner, fresher, mini Venice- 2 hours from the channel tunnel.

Think I will be visiting a lot more!!











Flint: Beautiful boutique in Lewes

Sussex will always be a little piece of home for me. Its creative, seaside, rustic charm makes a refreshing change from London’s streets.

I went down to see my brother recently who lives in arundel and stopped off in Lewes near Brighton on the way back. It’s filled with gorgeous little boutiques and antique shops, such a treat to walk around.

I love finding little gems of inspiration and when I found flint in Lewes it was a joy!

A gorgeously designed interiors shop filled with antiques, fresh flowers, beautiful ceramics and soft French linens.

Upstairs there is a gorgeous boutique in a timber clad loft space with Nordic and Scandinavian designers such Malene Birger.

So pretty – loved it although couldn’t afford anything!

Feast your eyes on these pretties-






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