I’m a new Interior Designer living in Pimlico, London.

I am currently completing an Interior Design Modular course at Chelsea College of Art & Design and am working with a few clients on residential and commercial property renovations.


I find the most beautiful spaces take their lead from their nature and I love to bring back a sense of space and nature to overcrowded spaces. I like to think of my style as natural, sustainable and calming and I focus on light, space, fresh air & plants in my design.

We live in such a complicated world and sometimes I think if you strip it back to the bare essentials you are the most grateful for what you do have. I love the concepts of ‘organic’, ‘Recycled’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘sustainable’ and finding new meaning in old objects that have history and a story themselves. We have taken so much from our world already it would be great to try to constantly find ways to use what we already have.

Education & Experience
I studied Ceramics at School and went on to complete an Art Foundation in Brighton where I developed an interest in body language and how a space can influence how people think. I completed a Degree in Psychology and moved to London where I worked with a creative internet agency and helped them expand their business into new offices as they grew.

Loving to take up a new challenge, last year I started the renovation of a new flat in Pimlico. Project managing the teams, sourcing new finishes, drawing up floor plans and concepts became a the norm and I loved it!

I now have a few projects that I am working on and am loving the experience of helping others create their perfect living and working environments.

Browse through my portfolio and see the inspiration board concepts which are translated in bespoke designs for my clients.

Feel tree to get in touch with any questions- krista.wittmann@gmail.com

Speak soon!

Krista 🙂

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